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12 Year Old Girl Receives Her Second College Degree


Hey, what’s up Chics?

We’ve all heard of young teens getting their college degrees while still going through puberty, but obtaining a college degree before you even move on from junior high school is a hard feat! It wasn’t all that difficult for a young girl out of Chicago by the name of Dorothy Jean Tillman. Dorothy, also known as, “D.J.” or “Dorothy Genius,” had previously obtained her associate’s degree from Excelsior College. She just obtained her bachelor’s degree and is now on to her masters! Incredible right!?

She is our Boss Chic of the week because of her love and eagerness to learn new information! If you’re wondering about her feelings towards missing out on high school, D.J. also told WGN9 news that she didn’t feel as though she were missing out on any middle and high school activities. Dorothy told WGN9 that she still has friends to do teenage activities with. This young girl is nothing short of inspirational!


Ladies, if you know a young kid who is trying to obtain two college degrees at a young age just like Dorothy, show them her story! Until next time Chics!

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