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3 Steps To A Safer Tan


Hey, Chics!

We are mid-Summer (when did that happen?) and you’re probably already well on your way towards that coveted Summer-glow! Whether you went to the beach, laid out on a rooftop, or just took a stroll in the sun, the sun’s UV rays have very likely caused some damage to your skin, giving you that “tanned” look.

Protecting our skin is extremely important year round, but especially in the Summer. In case you didn’t know ladies, the sum emits there are three types of Ultraviolet rays. Dermatologist recommends avoiding all three kinds of UV rays because there really isn’t a safe way to tan. The three types of ultraviolet rays are UVA, UVB, and UVC. Our “skin tan” comes from UVB rays (burning rays) because UVB rays penetrate the outer layer of the skin. Of course, we still want that golden tan look to rock during the Summer, even if it puts us at greater risks of developing skin cancers down the line.

1. Don’t fry yourself!

Always minimize your time in the sun. Although “tanned skin is damaged skin,” NEVER layout in the sun for more than just a few hours, no matter how great your sunscreens SPF is because you can burn your skin and you cannot tan over a burn. Also, being out in the sun for too long can put you at risk for skin cancer. If you’re heading out to the beach, bring an umbrella so that you’re able to give your skin a break from the sun. Furthermore, NEVER forget to put on sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Even though tanning with sunscreen is a bit more difficult, wearing sunscreen is important because you want to protect your skin as much as you possibly can.

2. Avoid artificial UV rays!

If you think tanning beds are a safer bet, try again girl! Dermatologist recommend people avoid using tanning beds, sunlamps and other ways of artificial tanning. The rays from a tanning bed are harsher than the rays from the sun, especially because the sun’s rays offer vitamin D—tanning beds do not. If you insist on using a salon to obtain that Summery glow, save your money and just visit the salon once a week. Some dermatologists recommend tanning slowly so you’re able to maintain that skin color as opposed to tanning all at once where you’re putting your skin at greater risk.

3. Opt for Self-tanners

If you don’t care for either method above, try purchasing some tanning lotion. The best tanning lotions on the market can be purchased at your local drug store or target. Many people feel like self-tanners are the best option because they don’t suffer the consequences of sun tanning. Your skin doesn’t get burned and looks healthier! Even going to the salon to get a spray tan is a safer bet than using the rays from the sun and tanning bed because a lot of tanning lotions and sprays contain amino acids that benefit the skin.

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