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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Consider


As the year comes to a close and we reflect back on the ups and down of our tumultuous lives, often times we feel inspired to make changes to our lifestyles, and hopefully for the better. That’s where New Year’s resolutions come in. With the beginning of a new year comes the chance to reboot a few of your bad habits and improve upon your life.

Chic Chat” is highlighting a few New Year’s Resolutions ideas that you should consider to give you a fresh start on the new year.

Get Yourself in Shape

This is probably the most popular New Year’s resolution, and often times the most difficult to sustain. You’ve all seen the overcrowded gym on January 2nd, followed by the empty gym on January 30th. Instead of burdening yourself with unattainable workout routines, why not plan out a regimen that works best with your lifestyle and schedule. Set challenging, obtainable goals, and be specific with time limits. It may also help to have a friend join you in your exercise, run or gym session, so that the two of you can motivate each other on day’s you’re not feeling up to it. In the long run, this is an important resolution that will affect your overall health in a positive way. So don’t give up so easily!

Take Time to Focus on Your Passion

Most of us are so caught up in work or school, leaving no time to focus on what we really want to do. But, if you’re able to put aside some time at nights or weekends to truly commit to a passion, it’ll be really rewarding for the soul. Whether it’s writing, hiking, gardening or whatever, have a look at your week and try to eliminate something that really doesn’t need to be there. It’s worth it!

Learn to Play an Instrument

Aside from how cool you’d be if you knew how to play the guitar, consider creative fulfillment of learning to play an instrument. Not only that, according to studies, playing an instrument relaxes the body by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. It’s also a communal activity where you’ll be able to connect with others. Granted it’s not easy and requires a tremendous amounts of patience, but mastering an instrument is an incredible skill to have.

Call Somebody

Remember talking on the phone? Not through snapchat or texts, but actual human conversation? For those of you who do, consider making a phone call every now and then to show a friend or family member that you actually care. You may be surprised how much you will learn about a person that you wouldn’t normally get through a text and emoji.

Cut Yourself a Break

Many of us are too hard on ourselves and stress out for no reason. Whether you need to meditate or just relax with a glass of wine every now and then, consider cutting yourself some slack and going easy on yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone runs into obstacles — it’s a part of life and it’s never going away. So, try not to put yourself down and make judgements that’ll harm your own self. Chill!

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