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5 Things to Do On Your Day Off


Hey there, Chics!

After a long week at work, you finally have a day off! All you want to do now is take your time off to unwind and relax, but not everyone has the same idea of “relaxation.” For some people, relaxing can include reading a book, taking a walk in the park or simple meditation.

Sometimes we are so busy during the week that we feel a bit awkward when we actually have a day to literally do nothing! If you’re one of those people who hates doing the same old things on your day off, perhaps you should take a look at our list of things to do when it feels like there’s nothing to do!

1. Gym Time Girl! 

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I know what you’re thinking. “If it’s my day off, shouldn’t I be laying on the couch all day?” The answer to that question is an obvious NO! Take the day to burn some calories and get some exercise. Of course, you don’t have to dedicate your entire day off to exercise. Work out in the wee hours of the morning, that way you’ll have the entire day to rest up!

 2. Find Events 

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If you’re like some people on their day off, you’re probably looking forward to staying in the house all day and being anti-social, but just in case you’re not we thought it would be a great idea to find some events to participate in. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Participating in events gives you a chance to build connections and make new friends!


 3.  Volunteer


Even though it’s your day off, volunteering at your nearest soup kitchen or church would be a great way to spend some time away from what you usually do during the week.


 4. Admire Nature 

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Depending on how you look at it, this can be another way of saying, “Take a walk in the park” or “Try going somewhere other than the park” on your day off. Sometimes we get so caught with our daily lives that we never take the time out to simply admire a flower or a tree. I am all for heading to the beach or a waterfront to spend some time with a loved one or by yourself. Being able to take in the beautiful scenery is so relaxing and peaceful


 5. Reflect 

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Like mentioned above, heading to a new “dwelling” place would be a great option for relaxation on your day off, but some people simply enjoy the comfort of being in their own home. Take the day to reflect on this past week or reflect on the past month or so. If freewriting is one of your favorite things to do, use the day to write about the most recent event that caught your attention.


Ultimately, we want you ladies to enjoy your day off stress-free and peacefully! If you have any ideas of things you enjoy doing on your day off, don’t hesitate to share them with us on our Instagram @Chicchattv. Until next time Chics!

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