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5 Ways to Impress Your Fellow Fashionista – Wear Menswear
















We all know that wearing a crop-top with low-rise jeans is sure to get you a whole lot of unwanted attention from the opposite sex. But, the best kind of attention is the neck-breaking double take a woman receives from her fellow style maven. So, what kind of fashion philosophy gets attentions from your sister stylistas? Here are 5 ways that will ensure a look back from the other stylish girl on the block.


Wear Menswear

There’s nothing sexier and more awe-inspiring than a woman, woman enough to wear menswear-inspired duds. This style exudes a strength and knowledge of one’s own femininity; an understanding that a menswear look, doesn’t mean an absence of the feminine flair. This is one look that may even get some male admirers who may want to get some advice on how you styled your look. A well-structured blazer and a pair of well-crafted brogues is all you need to receive a double take from the unsuspecting style lover.

Author: Heather Brown


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