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7 Summer Womanly Must Haves In Your Workspace


Happy Tuesday Chics!

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We often spend most of our time at work, which is why many people refer to their jobs as their “second home.” Of course, if it’s your second home, you want to make sure you have all of the things you need while being away from your real home! It’s the Summertime and we women tend to carry around things that we feel are essential to our daily lives, so we created a list of things that we think are absolute MUST haves down below.

Check it out!

  1. A Spacious Purse/Backpack

We need a really big bag to carry all of this extra stuff. Whether you’re a purse gal or a backpack lover, either one will do just fine.






2. Moisturizer

This is a definite must-have because sometimes we forget to put moisturizer on before we leave the house! Even if it’s just a tiny bottle of lotion, you’re in the clear because you have it on you!






3. Body Powder

A lot of women love body powder. Many love it because it gets rid of all that unwanted moisture lingering on your body. You also may want to carry it around because you want to “powder the pooch” as some may say!





4. Handkerchief/ bandana

If you live in a big city, those underground subway stations can be killer! Carrying a handkerchief or a bandana can be a huge help because you’re able to use it to wipe away all of that sweat on your body!






5. Small Storage Case

You’ll definitely need one of these because of all of your travel size items and makeup. This mini bag will ensure that all of the little things won’t get lost in that big bag you have.






6. Feminine Hygiene Products

MUST have for sure girl! It’s hot and humid and things can get really uncomfortable without them!






7. Basic Office Supplies

Last but not least, of course, we need some of the basic things like notebooks, pens, paper, etc. These are all definite must-haves for your work are because what would it be without them? You definitely don’t want to be the one asking around for a pen and paper every day.


If you ladies feel like this list should include more must-haves, let us know on our Instagram @Chicchattv! Until Next time Chics!


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