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Maya Moore Gets Featured on The Cover of SLAM


Hey, how’s it going Chics?

The women’s empowerment movement has times changing ever so quickly!! When we think of sports magazines we typically envision a male athlete on the cover, but our girl Maya Moore and other women alike are quickly changing that. Sports fans all around the country are becoming more comfortable with women being recognized for their hard work in the sports industry.

That said, for the first time in two decades and the second time EVER in the magazine’s history, SLAM magazine has featured a female athlete on their cover (the last woman to be featured on the magazine was Chamique Holdsclaw). The widely-popular magazine is known as the “bible of basketball” and they’ve chosen Maya Moore to be on the cover of it! I think that’s an “and-one” for us!!

Placing Maya Moore on the cover of SLAM magazine changes the way fans perceive women in the sports world and gives us women another reason to expand our knowledge of sports.

Maya Moore has had a phenomenal career! At just 29-years-old, she has accomplished so many great things in her WNBA career. She is a small forward for the Minnesota Lynx and stands at 6 ft tall. Born in Jefferson City, Missouri, two-time Olympic champion, two-time NCAA champion, and four-time WNBA champion has managed to earn herself a spot on a magazine that predominately consists of male athletes. In addition to being named finals MVP in 2013 and 2014, she is also the first female player to ever sign with the Jordan brand. She just keeps on winning, on and off the court!

Women in the WNBA don’t usually get as much recognition because sports fans are so tuned in to the male side of the spectrum. SLAM magazine has re-opened the door to all women in sports by placing Moore on the cover of their magazine, not just WNBA players.


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