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8 Things That’ll Motivate You To Workout More Often


Hey there Chics! Happy Motivational Monday!

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We all want to work out and do as much as we can to achieve our ideal bodies, but if we’re honest with ourselves consistency is a hump we all have trouble overcoming. That’s why many women find it hard to remain fit. Over the weekend, I thought about many of the things that kept me motivated and pushed me to get up and work out. Here are just a few of those ideas that we hope will get you up and going!


1. Remember Why You’re Doing It!

Don’t forget why you even started this journey in the first place girl! You are here for a reason! You are doing this for a reason! Don’t allow a little pain to mess up the goals you’ve set out for yourself. Remind yourself that you’re capable of accomplishing anything, even if you have just one more squat left!


2. Find a Partner!

Nobody wants to invite their friends to the gym just to look lazy right? Sometimes working around another person can give you that extra boost you’ve been searching for. Try inviting a friend or your boo to work out with you!


3. Remember Your Membership

Sometimes the thing that gets me out of the bed to workout is remembering that I have a gym membership that needs to be paid! Many of us hate the idea of wasting money, so if you’ve signed up for an expensive gym membership, perhaps you should remind yourself of the money you’ll waste if you don’t use it for what it’s for!


4. Find a Personal Inspiration

If you have a favorite celebrity or fitness trainer, you can use them as your personal motivator without having to spend a dime! Sometimes all it takes is watching a few work out videos on youtube to have me grabbing my work out mat and dumbbells.


5. Self-reflect

Try sitting down and reflecting on your progress. Grab and pen and paper and make a list of the things you enjoyed about working out and the things you didn’t enjoy and then go from there. Perhaps you may find what’s hindering you from achieving your goal if you take some time away from actually working out.


6. Group Work Outs!

Group workouts have the same effect as working out with a partner for me. You’ll probably feel more motivated because you’re around others who are working towards the same goal. You also don’t want to be viewed as the weak link either, so there you are, doing those extra five push-ups you thought you couldn’t do!


7. Remember Your Wardrobe

Hey, what about that nice dress you’ve been trying to fit in? Or what about those really tight jeans you’ve been convincing yourself you can fit in if you just shed a couple more pounds? Those are some of the questions you can ask yourself if you’re working out to switch up or go back to a style you love!


8. Reward Yourself

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Remember to not be so hard on yourself! Self-love is the best love! Try patting yourself on the back (literally) or rewarding yourself with a “cheat day” where you can eat the food you’ve been fasting from. Rewards after a workout are the best! Self-love is the best love you can give yourself.

So there you have it, ladies! We hope you enjoyed these 8 tips for staying motivated while working out! Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram @Chicchattv! Until next time!


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