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Chic Chat at the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience was a special event with none other than Chic Chat Founder & CEO, Cathleen Trigg-Jones hosting! Actress & philanthropist, Yvonna Kopackz-Wright, joined Cathleen as her co-host for a star-studded evening filled with special dishes prepared by Brett Wright. Attendees were given the once in a lifetime chance to drive the […]

Two Black female pilots take over the Alaskan skies

(courtesy Tara Wright and Mallory Cave)  It’s been a LONG 86 years, but for the first time two Black female pilots fly Alaska Airlines planes. With style and grace, Tara Wright, the Captain of Flight 361 from San Francisco to Portland introduced herself along with her first officer, Mallory Cave, to passengers on a packed […]

Good luck to Becky Hammon!!

Becky Hammon will become the first woman to interview for an NBA Head Coach position with the Milwaukee Bucks. Hammon is currently an Assistant Coach with the San Antonio Spurs.  When she joined the Spurs in 2014 she made headlines then, too, as the first woman in league history to hold the Assistant Coach position […]

Walk with Confidence

5 Ways to Impress Your Fellow Fashionista – Continued No matter the style you choose to showcase, tell yourself to strut and strut hard. When you exude confidence it’s tangible. People can sense it. The saying, “fake it until you make it” holds true in this scenario. You may be trying a new bold pair […]

Jolie Laide

                    5 Ways to Impress Your Fellow Fashionista – Continued “Jolie Laide”: that’s French for “pretty ugly.” This philosophy is all about questioning style norms and trends. Adopting a pretty ugly philosophy is your surefire way to showcase the next trend no one knew would be […]

Catch Being Serena on HBO

In a newly released trailer for her new series titled, Being Serena, a pregnant Serena Williams is seen reflecting on camera about her career and reminiscing about the moment she realized she was pregnant with her first child with now-husband Alexis Ohanian. “When I realized that I was pregnant, I was like, ‘Oh my God, how am I […]

Mix Kicks with Formal Wear

5 Ways to Impress Your Fellow Fashionista – Continued Although this happens to be a trend right now, it’s not as prevalent as one might think. Add some serious shock value by dialing the formality of the garment way up and pairing it with a pair of bold colored sneakers. This style remix works well […]


We at ChicChat wanted to put a spotlight on Ashley Lamothe, a 26 year old Spelman College graduate and Chick-fil-A’s youngest franchise owner!! A real-life story of starting from scratch and working your way up to the top, Ashley started working at a Chick-fil-A at the age of 15 to save enough money to buy a […]

5 Ways to Impress Your Fellow Fashionista – Funky Sunnies

I think we all know that a well-styled pair of cheeky sunnies can certainly spark some interest from those who are less prone to taking such risks. When shopping for sunnies, try saying yes to the funkiest pair you can find. Challenge yourself to concoct an appropriate ensemble to go with them. Anyone can just […]

5 Ways to Impress Your Fellow Fashionista – Wear Menswear

                            We all know that wearing a crop-top with low-rise jeans is sure to get you a whole lot of unwanted attention from the opposite sex. But, the best kind of attention is the neck-breaking double take a woman receives from her […]

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