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Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One – Encourage the Style Curious Colleague

  Although you will hear some negative responses, you will also hear some that exhibit an eagerness to follow in your footsteps. These feelings can be disguised in comments like, “I love that on you, but I could NEVER pull it off.” These are the moments when you can help your colleagues build their own […]

Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One – Dress to Shock

For those of you that just want to blow your colleagues out of the water. this is the phase for you! No more beating around the bush. You love turquoise lipstick, patterns, feathers, fringe, lace, and emoji shaped purses. And you’ll be damned if any workplace inhibits you from shouting it from the rooftops. If […]

Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One – Beware The Naysayers

Most people are too afraid to represent themselves honestly because they are worried about the repercussions. And rightly so. It’s scary to show yourself so openly, to then receive what feels like a vicious verbal attack solely because you chose to express yourself. Just be aware that these reactions are inevitable and have nothing to […]

Shun the Boring Shoe- Chapter 2

Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One The Series- Chapter 2 There is no better conversation piece than a funky shoe! Shoes have been known to start lasting friendships and spark newfound obsessions. Slipping on a pair of fun and attention-getting shoes will immediately give you a pep in your step. Just make […]

Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One

Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One The Series- Chapter 1 Many of us work in a stale, dank, bordering on depressing, office. Everyday we drag ourselves into work hoping for a glimpse of excitement, an ounce of dynamism, a tidbit of color. But, instead we’re met with a cubicle that feels more […]

Let’s Stop The Abuse & Take Care of The Children!

Barely four months into the year and the nation has already witnessed too many horrific child abuse cases.   Bella Edwards, Aniya Garrett, and Ashley Zhao are the names of precious children who’s terrible tragedies made headlines all over the world after mistreatment by their own family members left them in fatal circumstances.   While it […]

Actress & Writer Lena Waithe Graces Vanity Fair Cover

Actress and Writer Lena Waithe will be gracing the cover of the April issue of Vanity Fair Magazine! Over the last few years, she has gathered accolades and a passionate following for her work on breakout shows such as Master of None and The Chi—and will be appearing in Steven Spielberg’s new film, Ready Player […]

Spring Into Style With These Runway Hairstyles

Check out our top 4 styles for this spring runway season Finding the perfect hairstyle can be hard. If your having a hard time finding the perfect look, why not try something new?Heres some hair inspiration. These funky but trendy show stopping hairstyles are the perfect way to spring into style. For the next 7 […]

7 Ways to Empower Your Fellow Woman

 Happy International Women’s Day! Now more than ever, we should be uplifting one another, leaning in, and making sure we all end up on top.  No gesture is too small.  Compliment your coworker, send your sister a ‘thinking of you’ text and most importnantly, believe in yourself! We found more tips on how to empower […]

Boss Chic of the Week: Cathy Hughes

Fellow Black Women in Media Awards honoree, Cathy Hughes is a powerhouse in the media industry! Being the founder of the Radio One media empire as well as developing the communications school at Howard, Cathy Hughes has done a tremendous amount of effort providing African Americans with a voice in media.  We are excited to […]

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