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Posh Playbacks from the Power Premiere Last Night!

Season 5 of the hit American crime drama thriller “Power” premiered last night and the carpet was on FIRE with amazing fashion trends! The stars of the series stepped out in popping colors that dripped with their affluence and up-to-date style. After Season 4’s dramatic ending and major shocks, fans couldn’t wait for this season to […]

We’re Taking Over the Boys Club!

Throughout history, we have witnessed women take on new leadership roles and impact the world for the greater. This year will go down in history for women’s rights because the New York Stock Exchange just hired it’s first female president for the first time in it’s 226 years! Watch the article above. It’s all about […]

On the Road with Chic Chat Cards

Chic Chat was on the ROAD again a few weeks ago at the BMW Ultimate Driver’s Experience and we had such a great time!! Above we’ve got a few of the highlights from the event with our correspondent, Cortney. The event was amazing and there’s no better way to show our fun than through video and Chic […]

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