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5 Ways To Find a Flight Upgrade

Hey there, Chics!   Often times when we’re traveling, we like to search for the hottest deals available. I mean let’s face it—any deal is a good deal but looking for cool flight deals is a hard task to complete. That’s why we put together some tips for grabbing those flight upgrades, even if they […]

Working Out During Your Menstrual Cycle

How’s it going, Chics?   We’ve all experienced terrible times of the month at some point in our lives. Whether it’s those excruciating cramps, head-thumping migraines, or embarrassing bloating, we have all been there before! If you’re someone who is trying to keep up with a consistent workout plan, you may find it a little more […]

3 Cocktails Men Usually Drink That Women Should Try

Hey there, Chics!   Have you ever felt the need to step out of your comfort zone during It’s Chic Sips Thursday and we’re talking about manly drinks that can be turned into ‘girly’ drinks! If you aren’t afraid of trying something harder, we suggest you check out our list down below!  1. Rusty Nail […]

12 Year Old Girl Receives Her Second College Degree

Hey, what’s up Chics? We’ve all heard of young teens getting their college degrees while still going through puberty, but obtaining a college degree before you even move on from junior high school is a hard feat! It wasn’t all that difficult for a young girl out of Chicago by the name of Dorothy Jean […]

3 Restaurants You Should Consider for a First Date In NYC

Hello there, Chics! We sometimes have trouble picking out the best restaurants for a first date, especially when there’s so many to choose from in New York! If you’re having trouble finding a nice, comfortable and, somewhat, affordable place to carry a meaningful conversation with your date over a delicious meal, we have three recommendations […]

3 Steps To A Safer Tan

Hey, Chics! We are mid-Summer (when did that happen?) and you’re probably already well on your way towards that coveted Summer-glow! Whether you went to the beach, laid out on a rooftop, or just took a stroll in the sun, the sun’s UV rays have very likely caused some damage to your skin, giving you […]

Maya Moore Gets Featured on The Cover of SLAM

Hey, how’s it going Chics? The women’s empowerment movement has times changing ever so quickly!! When we think of sports magazines we typically envision a male athlete on the cover, but our girl Maya Moore and other women alike are quickly changing that. Sports fans all around the country are becoming more comfortable with women […]

Women Make ESPYS History

Hey there, Chics! While we all may not be huge sports fans, womankind can rejoice because this year the 27th Annual ESPYS (an award show that recognizes individual athletes and athletic teams for various achievements) is being hosted by a female! Finally!! In the ESPYS’ 26-year history, a woman has NEVER been selected to host. […]

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