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Black Women Credited for Democrat Doug Jones’ Win in Alabama Senate Race


It had been 25 years since Alabama had elected a Democrat to the Senate, but the streak ended with Democrat Doug Jones’ come-from-behind victory against the former state Supreme Court justice Roy Moore, who had been recently scrutinized with controversy. Jones is perhaps best known for prosecuting two members of the Ku Klux Klan responsible for bombing Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church, which killed four black girls in 1963.

According to CNN exit polls, Jones defeated Roy Moore with the help of nearly unanimous support from black voters, with 96% of black voters supporting the democratic candidate. In fact, the hashtag #BlackWomen began trending early Wednesday as people noted that CNN exit polls showed 98% of black women voters supported Jones.

CNN poll
courtesy of CNN

In light of the trend, many celebrities took to their handles to congratulate the black women who essentially helped dethrone Republican Roy Moore.

“It’s no coincidence that Selma, where blood was shed in the struggle for voting rights for Black people, pushed Doug Jones ahead for good,” Bernice King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, tweeted following Jones’s win. Selma, Alabama—the site of 1965’s “Bloody Sunday”—was among one of the Democratic candidate’s strongholds with black voters.

“I’m very humbled and honored to have played a part in the civil rights saga, if you will, many years after the fact,” Jones said during a campaign rally in Montgomery, Alabama, another famous site of the civil rights movement.

Let today stand as another proud moment for black women not only in Alabama, but throughout the world. You have more power than you think!

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