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Boss Chick Of The Week: Muhga Eltigani


How’s it going Chics?


We wanted to introduce you to our Boss Chic of the week. Her name is Muhga Eltigani! She is the CEO of NaturAll Club, a hair company dedicated to helping women tame their natural unruly curls and frizziness by producing products with only fresh and natural ingredients.


It all began when Muhgah decided to chop off all but five inches of her hair while attending the University of Pennsylvania back in her junior year. She then embarked upon a six-month natural hair product journey that resulted in a long, soft and manageable mane and four inches of growth. That’s when she decided to ditch commercial hair products and continue using her own handmade deep conditioners.


After joining Venture for America Fellowship in 2014, Muhgah managed to raise $9,000 for an avocado-based deep conditioner. She documented her journey on Youtube and gained 40,000 subscribers over the course of three years! AMAZING! Her following encouraged her to launch NaturAll Club back in 2016, which has been very successful so far with the estimated revenue doubling to approximately $250,000 this year.

She deserves a shout out not only because of her hair journey, but her growth as an entrepreneur as well! We love her because she created a company that distributes hair products for women of color. It is super hard to find hair products for natural 4c curly hair. The greatest thing of all is that she began making the products in her college dorm at the University of Pennsylvania.

If you’re interested in checking out some of our girl Muhgah’s products, visit her website at https://naturallclub.com.

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Until next time Chics!


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