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Home BLOG Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One – Beware The Naysayers

Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One – Beware The Naysayers


Most people are too afraid to represent themselves honestly because they are worried about the repercussions. And rightly so. It’s scary to show yourself so openly, to then receive what feels like a vicious verbal attack solely because you chose to express yourself. Just be aware that these reactions are inevitable and have nothing to do with you. Any snide, passive aggressive, or blatantly obnoxious remark flung your way is really just the flinger’s way of repositioning their understanding of the “normative.” In other words, you’ve just blown their minds and they’re trying to make sense of it all. Unfortunately, something as simple as a neon pink lipstick can mean demeaning comments being hurled your way. My advice is to come up with a sound bite that you use in these situations like,” I can see that my [Insert fashion forward item here] makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, but when I wear it, I feel like a million bucks! “ Then execute your best catwalk strut back to your cubicle. They’ll get the point. And you’ll be standing up for what you believe in– freedom of style!

Author: Heather Brown


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