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Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One


Dressing “Outside of the Box” When You Work in One

The Series- Chapter 1

Many of us work in a stale, dank, bordering on depressing, office. Everyday we drag ourselves into work hoping for a glimpse of excitement, an ounce of dynamism, a tidbit of color. But, instead we’re met with a cubicle that feels more like solitary confinement, and an underwhelming outfit that fits right in with the dull surroundings. It’s easy to feel like you have to act, and ultimately dress like the people you work with, in order to be taken seriously.

It’s actually the opposite. Expressing yourself differently in an environment where the majority dresses the same, can be a great way to start a conversation and break the ice. It’s even possible that through your style bravery, you may be giving someone else the courage to express themselves as well.

Stay tuned for one new piece of advice every day on how to liven up your wardrobe and feel confident in your work environment:

Get Lippie


Maybe you’re not quite ready to wow your colleagues with your pattern mixing abilities, so instead opt for a neon colored lipstick. There’s no need to showcase a full face of make-up if that’s just not for you. A simple touch of mascara and a bright lip color is more than enough to add some color into your wardrobe for the day. In the Winter, instead of a dark red lip color, grab a dark green, or a dark gold color. These lip colors will keep your colleagues guessing and give you a reason to talk more at meetings.


by: Heather Stachowiak Brown


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