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First Black Woman To Earn Her PhD From MIT


Hey there, Chics!

Women of color are continuing to make history all around the world! That’s why we wanted to take the time out to recognize Mareena Robinson Snowden for becoming the first black woman to graduate from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aka MIT, with a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering.


The 30-year-old graduated from MIT on June 8th of 2018, and we are so proud of her! The road to the Ph.D. for Mareena wasn’t easy by any means, but she got it all done with the inspiration of her role model, Kathrine Johnson (NASA mathematician) whose picture Mareena kept with her as a reminder to carry on in her pursuit to her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering.

Mareena is now a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. She works as a nuclear engineer in Washington, D.C. She is our Boss Chic of the week because of her hard work and trailblazing accomplishment!

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