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First Date Do’s & Don’ts 


By: Britney Trigg


Hey there ladies! So I have been dying to put out a post on Chic tips for your first date. As you all know, Valentine’s day will be here sooner than you know it and I know a lot of you are all cuddled up but what about those of us who are stylishly single and ready to mingle? I know for a first date I always get the jitter bugs and often wish I had an ear piece in and a friend hidden in the back to feed me first date Do’s and Don’ts. Things like, gloss your lips, smile a bit more, and be flirtatious. Often times we prep ourselves only to completely forget everything we set out to achieve on our checklist. But what about all of the preparations for the night? Things like where to get the cutest outfit, where to get your hair done, and where to get your makeup done? Well I’ve got you covered. Grab your glass of wine and let’s cheers to getting our groove back!

First and foremost let’s discuss date preparations. If you know like I know, your hair, your outfit and your makeup are THE most important things to us ladies when it comes to searching for your perfect soul mate. First looks are everything. Here in New York City there are thousands of places to get glammed up but, only a few made our top picks.

For hair, its a no brainer! Next Vanity Hair Salon located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. This one stop shop will cater to your hair, your face and your brows. Getting excited? Yes! Let’s just say when it comes to a glam squad, salon owner Chioma Valcourt takes the cake. Who do you desire to be? Bring a picture with your ideal date look and watch her embody it. Your hair and your skin will thank you! Specializing in natural hair care, she will transform your hair into silky smooth layers of perfection. Does your hair need a tune up? No really! Be sure to treat yourself to a day of beauty where you will be treated like royalty from the moment you walk through the door. Catering to likes of celebrities all around the globe, Salon owner Chioma Valcourt will stop at nothing to Whew and Wow you but be prepared to make your appointment now, as royalty cannot wait. She’s a busy woman. Invest in your locks, trust me, your hair will thank you.

Need another option? How about Federico’s Salon also located in Mid-town Manhattan. Celebrity stylist and Salon Owner Federico Calce has a passion for style and technique. His motto, simple…Stop by the salon, let yourself feel like a million dollars. Why not try an elegant updo this Valentine’s Day? When it comes to style this salon is incomparable. Federico has worked with the likes of Valentino, Fendi and Oscar de le Renta. Not enough? How about Eva Longoria, Nicole Ritchie and Rosario Dawson? This salon’s resume is extensive trust me the list goes on and on. You will not be disappointed. Who is your idol? Make your appointment today to transform. Ask about a makeup appointment as well.

Where to style yourself for the occasion? How about Tobi which is a fast fashion online retailer. They design produce and sell products globally and exclusively inspired by L.A’s eclectic trend. Don’t go with the trend this Valentine’s Day, set the trend. Made with fabrics from some of the finest fabrics you can cancel the middleman out and eliminate the hassle of having to wait on your clothing to come from outside manufacturers which makes ordering more affordable. Browse their website topi.com to find exclusive deals and offers this Valentine’s Day.

Once your all glammed up, next it’s time to prep yourself for the main course; your date.  Often times, we overthink what to say, what to do and how to act. The simple solution, calm your nerves and explore a few conversation options the night before. I often get so nervous, I forget everything. No like literally, my memory is often so bad I remember having to write notes on my hand in college in order to remember things. Anyway, ask yourself, why are you going on this date and what do you want to get to know about this person? What are your pet peeves and turn off’s?

A couple things you might want to remember are, be courteous and outgoing. Nobody wants to end up on a date with a Debbie downer. It’s a date not a funeral precession, therefore no talk about ex’s. Steer clear of talking too much about yourself as you are there to meet and get to know somebody else for the first time. Please don’t be one of those people who spend all night talking about themselves but then realize the date is just about over and you still have no clue who your sitting across from. Be sure to offer up compliments along the date if you are interested and having a good time to let him or know that everything is going well. Be just a tad bit flirtacious! Shivalry is not dead and it is best to shy away from too much booze and sex talk but who ever said you can’t be just a tad bit too close if your really enjoying yourselves? Consider it a prelude to the next date. Last but certainly not least, always be sure to leave it all on the floor. You never know who you might meet if you allow yourself to relax and just have fun with it. And, If you don’ end up meeting the person of your dreams? Don’t sweat it, dates are like auditions, you either do or don’t fit the part!

What to do just before you leave to get to your intended destination? Be sure have your purse handy of all the little things you might need. Lipstick, perfume, mints and your get out of jail free card should your night end up being a disaster. Who knows, you just might come down with a sudden case of the babysitter called and I must go home!

All set? Take one last look in the mirror and pay homage to yourself. Love what you see? Great, now Live it, breathe it and Sashay Shonte as your chariot awaits. On the way there ask yourself, are you usually a hand shaker? Well how about tonite you try something different and greet each other with a hug. Forget the formal stuff mademoiselle, let loose a bit and get comfortable. Have your eyes on the prize? Even better! Nerves got you all shook up? It’s ok. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves to relax and everything else will fall into place. All you have to do now is remember everything we talked about and hit a homer straight to the finish line. Not too fast though, treat every moment like it just might be the last! Cheers 🥂

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