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Giving Tuesday: Bukoba, Tanzania Orphanage


As some of you may be aware, “Chic Chat” host Cathleen Trigg Jones founded a non-profit organization, Trigg House, with a focus on providing a positive and supportive environment to families in crisis, foster, and adopted children, including those recently emancipated from the foster care system.

Being that it’s Giving Tuesday, an international day specifically dedicated to giving and charitable causes, Trigg House has set its focus on an orphanage in Bukoba, Tanzania.

“This past summer, my family and I visited an orphanage in Tanzania that truly moved us and changed the way I view my philanthropy and charitable giving,” said Trigg Jones. “Having been in foster care as an infant, I was deeply moved by the Tanzanian children, some just months old, who have so little and need so much.”

As it happens, something as simple as a cow can provide much needed nourishment to the orphanage. It is said in Hindu tradition that there is no greater action than the gifting of a cow. It is believed that at least one cow should be donated in a person’s lifetime.

And while Cathleen and her family took heed to the cause and purchased a cow named “America,” the reality is these children need a lifetime of support through additional livestock, supplies, renovations, overall support, and more.

That’s why Cathleen and Trigg House are asking for your help not only on Giving Tuesday, but throughout this holiday season. Your donations will go to directly to the Tanzanian orphanage to provide immediate help.

To make a donation today, please visit trigghouse.causevox.com.

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