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Home BLOG Good luck to Becky Hammon!!

Good luck to Becky Hammon!!


Becky Hammon will become the first woman to interview for an NBA Head Coach position with the Milwaukee Bucks. Hammon is currently an Assistant Coach with the San Antonio Spurs.  When she joined the Spurs in 2014 she made headlines then, too, as the first woman in league history to hold the Assistant Coach position – everyone from NBA industry insiders to President Barack Obama took to Twitter to congratulate her then.

Hammon served as head coach during the Spurs’ preseason and for the Summer League team, where she won a championship. Hammon, by virtue of her talents, helped pave the way for other female coaches in men’s pro sports. History shows us that when those initial barriers are broken down, other changes tend to follow at faster rates. It took 63 years for Jackie Robinson to become the first black player in the MLB, but it took Larry Doby three months to become the second.

Tony Parker calls her a “great basketball mind.”  The legendary Gregg Popovich calls her “the ultimate leader” and has compared her to Steve Kerr.

ChicChat has our fingers crossed for you, Becky!

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