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Rep. Ilhan Omar… First Somali- American Ever?


Representative Ilhan Omar is taking on politicians by being the first Somali-American to serve in the state legislature and first-term lawmaker for Minneapolis. Recently, she was endorsed by the Democratic Party for a seat in Congress.

Her existence is a direct counter narrative of the type of leaders the President is encouraging to display a sense of nationalism for America however, this is just what America needs!

Rep. Omar’s first came to the United States as a refugee where, after settling in Minneapolis, she became very involved in politics. In her time as a representative she has, “ran a historic campaign, increasing turnout among young people, people of color, and bringing new voters into the DFL party.” (check out her site here!)  Her campaign encourages and will fight for criminal justice and policing reform; affordable and accessible education and housing; healthcare for all; environmental justice; and racial, economic, and social equity. She will a be representative like no other and will continue the history of the first Somali-American to be in Congress.

There is a growing need for more representation on The Hill. It is important that inclusive dialogues are encouraged whether about politics or in everyday life. ChicChat is excited to see where the future will lead Representative Ilhan Omar.

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