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An Interesting Happy New Year!



  By Britney Trigg

Happy New Years to all of you lovely ladies…and men. I don’t want to discriminate.:) I hope you had a good one! I would love to hear some of your night cap stories. I must say, I was expecting to have quite a different experience than the one I had. I was supposed to spend my New Year’s Eve in Puerto Rico this year but, as it turns out, I did not make it there. And it’s crazy because I spent days researching the hottest party spots on the island to ring in the new year for all of you (see the list I shared in my New Years Eve Blog). Yet, in the end I decided to lay low and just spend the holiday with my family at our home in Bahia Beach, Rio Grande (be sure to check out the St. Regis Hotel at the Bahia Beach Resort and Golf Club for some serious r&r). Well, let’s just say, despite my best intentions, everything that could possibly go wrong, did. Now, I don’t know about you — come on, I know I have some kindred “fashionably late” sisters out there — but I am such a last minute person, which generally gets me into trouble, and this experience was nothing short of a disaster. I mean ish happens, but damn! Can I get a break? At the end of the day I only have myself to blame but, enough of the non sense, here’s what happened…

For starters, I booked my trip last minute or shall I say the night before, lol. But, I actually ended up getting a great deal on my airline ticket thanks to Priceline and delta airlines. I cannot even tell you how excited I was to find a ticket at this time of the year, last minute, for under $600, I mean really, who could top that? I had it set in my mind that this time was going to be different than every other time, as my lateness is just a tad bit of a problem. With high hopes for myself, I packed my bag just hours before my departure time and told myself I might as well just pull an all nighter to be sure I did not oversleep or snooze the alarm still half sleep which, by the way, seems to happen quite a bit…off the record of course 😒. While I should have had a Netflix and chill kind if night or downed a couple of red bulls, I instead wore myself out by doing absolutely nothing! I did one of those convincing myself speeches, in my mind of course, that if I could just “rest my eyes” for an hour or two I would be ok. When I tell you that my bed felt soooo damn good, I mean ughh🙌 Excuse my language but I mean literally, like it felt so good, made my toes curl. Andddd off to la la land I went. I cannot be the only one who makes a “just closing my eyes for a few minutes” pact, can I? Smh!

Needless to say, that hour turned into 3 or 4 hours and, as usual, somehow I hit snooze somewhere between being in a coma and sleep walking. I never understand how this happens even though its a pretty regular occurance. I literally woke up and jumped straight out out of my skin when I realized the time. My laptop said 4am but my phone said 7am…omg😱! This is where the convincing myself and the “baby baby” please came in, as I was ready to say and do whatever l had to in order to get on the next flight. With an hour Lyft to the airport, I prepped myself on what to say once I got there, but this time I got hit with a “seat requested ticket”😫 That means I didn’t have a seat assigned. It was a at this moment that I knew things were about to get real. I was mad as hell but only had myself to blame. Walking around switching back and forth between the pbf (permanent b*tch face) and the sweet “hi how are you, please and thank you” voice, I finally made it to the gate. I just knew things were about to make a turn for the better, but sike!

The flight was full, there were no standby offerings and the next flight was…well…there were no next flights smh. So much for my hopes of having a “How Stella got her groove back” kind of New Years. Stuck, alone and mad at the world having spent daggon near $80 bucks on a car service to the airport, I decided to just make a day out of it at the airport. Thanks to some of the best TSA agents around at John K. Kennedy International Airport, my +1-night turned out not to be so bad after all. I treated myself to buffalo wild wings and had a night cap🍻 cheers! Not the day I intended at all and please do not remind me that I then had to go home in 15°F weather, while meanwhile in Puerto Rico temperatures were in the upper 70’s. Oh well…better luck next year I guess, right? Sooo… yea, that’s my story. But enough about me. how about you? I would love to live vicariously through all of your New Years stories! Comment Below with your New Years Eve stories.

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