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Don’t Miss the Chic Chat Premiere


Tune into the Premiere of Chic Chat The Talk Show!

Coming up on the premiere of Chic Chat, reality TV star Karen King joins Emmy Award-winning journalist and host Cathleen Trigg Jones for a Girl’s Night In! Karen opens up about her troubled past and how a family conflict landed her on the America’s Most Wanted list.

On TV, Karen seems like the outspoken and outrageous diva, but Cathleen uncovers so much more.  Through her life experiences, Karen never gave up and is turning her life around.  With a new fashion line, upcoming book release, and a new man, Karen King is taking control and living the life she always wanted.

Although they may seem like total opposites, you’ll find that Cathleen and Karen have a lot in common; their love for their children, their dogs, and Sugar Babies candy.

Tune into Chic Chat where each show is personalized for women by women, focusing on the matters we cherish most; family; lifestyle and words of wisdom.

No story is the same; no woman is the same.  However, we can all connect, relate, and learn from the experiences of one another.

Chic Chat will begin airing this weekend in New York, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. Check local listings for air times in your city!

To stay updated with the show, follow us on social media @ChicChatTv.

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