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Reasons to Visit Canada Before The Summer Ends


What’s up Chics?

Although many of us have started our travel bucket list for the summer, there are still some who are trying to figure out where to visit. A friend of mine just visited Quebec City, Canada and she absolutely loved it! She came back about a week ago and told everyone to add it to their summer travel bucket list. Even if it’s not Quebec City, I think visiting Canada before the Summer ends is a great idea because of these reasons below:

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1. Reason To Leave The Country 

If you haven’t left the country yet, now is the time to do so ladies! If you’re someone who doesn’t want to travel too far, Canada is your next best option! Around this time of the year, flights and hotel deals are pretty inexpensive depending on what part of Canada you’re traveling to. Why not stay in North America for your next vacation!?

2. Great Sight Seeing

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to see the northern lights all that well this time of the year but there are still great sights to see in Canada! There are many parks in Canada that offer breathtaking views. Some parks like Banff National Park, Stanley National Park, and Jasper National Park are available to view some incredible animals and creatures!

3. Get In Tune With Nature 

While visiting these parks, don’t be afraid to get in tune with mother nature. Not only are you there to unwind, you’re also encouraged to unleash your wild side! Try something over the edge like waterskiing, camping or even skinny dipping! You won’t forget it and you surely won’t regret it!


4. Try Some New Beer 

Canada is known for its sensational breweries! If you’re a woman with a thirst for some craft beer, heading to Canada before the summer is over won’t be a hard accomplishment! With famous Canadian breweries like The Grizzly Paw, Muskoka, Garrison Brewery and more,  there are countless to choose from! So don’t be afraid to head up to Canada my beer lovers!


Well, there you have it, ladies! If you have any additional ideas on vacationing in Canada, give us a shout on our Instagram @Chicchattv.com! Until next time Chics!


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