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Serena Williams Unhappy With Constant Drug Testing


While we all might not be huge tennis fans, we’re all familiar with the sensational Serena Williams!

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Our girl Serena isn’t too happy with the tennis world at the moment either! The star athlete just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl back in September and she does not appreciate the constant drug testing against her. She vented all of her frustrations out on Twitter stating, “It’s that time of the day to get ‘randomly’ drug tested and only test Serena. Out of all the players it’s been proven I’m the one getting tested the most. Discrimination? I think so.”

She then goes on to say that she’ll be “keeping the sport clean” but it’s clear the 36-year-old is tired of feeling targeted. A sports outlet by the name of Deadspin pointed out that Williams had been tested more than twice as much as the other female athletes in an article written last month.

The sports outlet noted that she also had been tested more than any of the top five male athletes this year as well, so her frustration is quite understandable. “I never knew that I was tested so much more than everyone else. Until I read that article, I didn’t realize it was such a discrepancy with me. … It would be impossible for me to not feel some kind of way about that,” Williams said in reference to Deadspin’s’ reports.

She then went on to add, “Tennis has given me so much. It’s such an amazing sport. I feel like equality, that’s all I’ve been preaching, it’s all about equality,” she continued. “If that’s testing everyone five times, let’s do it. Let’s be a part of it. It’s just about being equal and not centering one person out. Just due to the numbers, it looks like I’m being pushed out. Just test everyone equally.”

Who can disagree with Serena? She’s absolutely right! If there is going to be drug testing everyone should be tested just as much as the next!

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