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About Chic Chat

In Need of a Girls Night In? Tune Into Chic Chat!

Hosted by Emmy Award-winning Journalist and Producer, Cathleen Trigg Jones, Chic Chat, is a diverse show platform personalized for women by women, focusing on the matters we cherish most; family, lifestyle and trending topics, sprinkled with words of wisdom.
No Girl’s Night is complete without a glass of wine, so prepare for a roller coaster of emotions, digging deep into the journey’s of women of all kinds.

No story is the same; no woman is the same. However, we can all connect, relate, and learn from the experiences of one another.

Chic Chat enables women to connect with one another, share stories and information, and aims to extend relevant conversations often deemed taboo. Curating this platform with all women in mind, it serves as a place that is approachable and relatable and provides a voice for all.

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