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Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence; Courtney Smith (Ex-wife of Ohio State Football Coach)


What’s going on Chics?

Unfortunately, many women around the world are suffering from domestic abuse and are not able to speak up about it, for many reasons. One woman who was able to come forward with courage to speak out against domestic abuse and share her story is Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of former Ohio State Wide Receivers Coach, Zach Smith. Zach Smith was fired on July 24 of this year after reports of domestic violence reemerged to the public.

Let’s talk about the courageous thing Courtney Smith did; She came forward. In a recent interview, Smith told sports outlet, Stadium, that she and Zach married back in 2008, but the abuse didn’t begin until 2009.

When asked if she ever told anyone about the alleged abuse, she stated, “All the [coaches’] wives knew. They all did. Every single one.”

The two biggest incidents (one in 2009 and the other 2015) came to light last month after Smith was fired by the university. Smith told Stadium that she didn’t want to press charges against her ex-husband at the time because of her kids. She brought the abuse to her now ex-husband’s bosses wife, Shelley Meyer, after the 2015 incident where Smith was picked up, thrown down and strangled by her ex-husband. She had hoped Mrs. Meyer would bring up the abuse to her husband, Urban Meyer, who was then the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, and as mentioned Zach Smith’s boss.

After the firing of Zach Smith, the university questioned Urban Meyer’s knowledge of the abuse. He answered questions surrounding the allegations at Big Ten Media Day.

“I was never told about anything,” Meyer told reporters.

The school has placed Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave pending further investigation into this matter.

We at Chic Chat fiercely applaud Courtney for coming forward and speaking up about the abuse she and her children endured.



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