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Spring Into Style With These Runway Hairstyles


Check out our top 4 styles for this spring runway season

Finding the perfect hairstyle can be hard. If your having a hard time finding the perfect look, why not try something new?Heres some hair inspiration. These funky but trendy show stopping hairstyles are the perfect way to spring into style. For the next 7 days I would love for all of you ladies to try doing 1 of these looks a day.

Tight Twists Ponytail

If you have super long hair, try parting your hair along the middle and leaving out a side sweeping bang. Then smooth your hair into a high or low ponytail. Next place thin elastic bands every 2 inches and gently tease the hair out between each band. Complete your look by using a finishing spray like Redken forceful 23 surer hair strength hairspray which is an anti-frizz hairspray. You can easily find this product at Ulta beauty or beauty brands.










 Braided Crown

For medium length hair why not try this haute couture look. Unsemetrically part your hair and grip each side to loosely. Pull down a loose bang and small pieces along the back of your head to create a unique look. Next take the remaining hair and split evenly along each side. Then create two loose french braids crowning the sides of your head. Lastly pin the braids up together loosely in the back and take small piece of each bang to pin up into the braid.















High Ballerina Bun:

I can’t get enough of ballerina buns at the moment.

Also referred to as the ‘blogger buns’ because savvy fashion bloggers s everywhere seem to be sporting big, voluminous buns atop their heads.

Ballerina buns are a stylish, chic and classic up do for brides. They come in various shapes and sizes from sleek donuts to messy knotted styles.

Perfect for destination or summer weddings when you want to have your hair off your neck and shoulders or if you want to show off the detailing at the back of your gorgeous dress.








Chic Side Swept Chignon:

For a more textured chignon try this hair-spiration. Comb hair through evenly and tease for a textured look. Set with Redken TRIPLE TAKE 32 EXTREME HIGH-HOLD HAIRSPRAY. Next part hair halfway through and pin up the top half to keep it out of the way while you tease the bottom half a bit more. Un-pin the top half and grab loosely separating into two. Then cross both sides and pin them together. Place both of the top pieces together and swirl them up into a loose teased chignon.

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