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Staying in Shape While Beating the Heat


Hey there Chics! Happy July!

So you’ve already worked as hard as you could before the Summer began to obtain your ideal Summer body. Now that the excruciating heat has swarmed in, plans to head out to the pool or beach are already set in place but you want to be sure you have a little crunch time in between going to tone up a few areas of your body. You also don’t want all of your hard work during the wintertime to go to waste either, so keeping up the hard work all throughout the Summertime is your primary goal. Here’s three tips on working out in this years spicy Summer heat.


Tip #1: 

Watch Your Diet

During the Summertime, it can be relatively easy to experience muscle fatigue or sluggishness especially on days where it feels way too hot to even do a push-up. Try eating light foods that are packed with carbohydrates and protein. That way, the protein is working with the carbohydrates to help your body absorb the protein needed to repair and maintain the muscle tissue. Foods like banana’s, omelettes, and wholegrain breads are ideal pre-work out eats that’ll help you maintain that energy. Additionally, try drinking protein and other nutrient enriched smoothies. You shouldn’t eat right before your workout in extreme temperatures because the chances of getting sick while working out increase.



Tip #2:

 Let Your Skin Breathe

Yes, sweating is essential during a workout. It is your body’s way of cooling down before it overheats but it is common for people to wear heavier clothing in efforts to increase the amount of sweat their body produces. This is not recommended when working out during the Summertime because you can overheat your body by wearing heavier clothing. Try to avoid dark-colored clothes because they absorb the heat instead of reflecting it back into the atmosphere. Wearing lighter colored clothes can help keep you cool. Sports bras, light-material tank tops, and shorts are the most ideal to wear when working out in the sweltering heat.



Tip #3: 

Cool Environment

Not everyone has access to a gym or recreational center and many women prefer to workout outdoors anyway, but when the temperature outside is at an extreme high it can be pretty difficult to workout efficiently. If the UV index is ranging from 6-10, avoid direct sun exposure when working out outdoors I.e, under a tree with plenty of shade. Perhaps even on the side of a building where working out under the shade is available. All in all, if you must workout outside, definitely find an area where there is minimal sun exposure. Furthermore, always wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or better and reduce your normal workout time.


Aside from drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated, that’s all we have for today’s Chic-fit ladies! We hope these three tips will help prevent that sluggish and tiresome feeling while working out in the heat ladies! Until next time Chics!



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