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The Top 3 Places You’ll Want to Be This Summer


Summer 2018 is underway and women all over the country already have their summer 2018 bucket lists written out! Whether your goals this summer include meeting and making new friends, traveling to extravagant places or simply working all summer long, the ultimate goal is to have everything accomplished by this September right? If traveling is number one on your summer bucket list for this year, you may be interested in taking a look at these top three spots for women who are looking to either have a girls night out or who are traveling solo!

  1. Los Angeles

There are many things to do in Los Angeles that are women-friendly. Looking for something potentially new and cool for you and your girls to do? A Girls’ night out in L.A. can include dressing up and hitting one of L.A’s throwback restaurants. Stop by Dan Tana’s to revisit the 1950’s while enjoying some mouth-savoring Italian food or if you’re a bell top and bottom lover, stopping by a funky 70’s retro bar called Good Times at Davey Waynes is a great idea as well! Also, attending a few conventions with your girls can be a fun way to bond and get a chance to meet your favorite performers. If you’re traveling all by your lonesome, festivals are great events that can help unleash your inner-social butterfly (one you probably didn’t even know existed) if it’s your first time traveling all alone.

2. New Orleans 

Some may argue that traveling to New Orleans this time of the year can be a quite uncomfortable mainly because of it’s hot and steamy weather, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to beat the heat in the deep south and having fun while doing so! If you are an Art lover, visiting some art museums like the well-known New Orleans museum of Art or the Ogden Museum of Southern Art would be perfect for you and your fellow art-loving girlfriends! Want to get a little out of your comfort zone? Go on a Cajun Swamp tour and expose yourself to the wildlife like alligators, birds and snakes. Hey, it’s something unique to do isn’t it? Lastly, attending a jazz club or concert in New Orleans is essential during your visit! Visit a well-known restaurant like the Palm Court Jazz Cafe or attend a Jazz concert to get your southern-blues and groove on.

3. Boston

Boston is the coolest place (temperature wise) to visit on this list this summer. If you and your girls are garden lovers, there are a few places in this city that are available for exploration. For all of our beer-lovers out there, even attending a Sam Adams brewery tour may be more on the unconventional side, but it’s still a fun way to bond with your girlfriends and try some great beer! Finally, aside from enjoying the sun and cool water at Boston’s beaches, try attending a rivalry game like the Red Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway park. The stadium gets wild when these two teams pair up against each other and it’s always a fun scene to watch.

With all of these choices you’ll never be bored this summer Chics! Make sure you take your Chic Chat cards with you to add even more fun to your girls trip! Until next time Chics!


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