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Travel Tip: How To Avoid Long Airport Lines


Travel Smarter & Quicker with TSA Pre and Clear

By: Britney Trigg

Don’t you hate it when you get to the airport and the security line is super long? I know I do. Especially since 99.9% of the time I am running behind schedule 🤦‍♀️ . It is at this point that I start praying to every god known to man kind to pleaseee help me make it through before I miss my flight. Then that feeling of impending doom creeps up and I’m promising myself, again, that this will be the last time. Yea I know I said that the last 5 times but this time,  yesss, this time will absolutely be the last time! For the last few years I have been seeing signs for TSA Pre and Clear but I never really took the time to explore the option until that moment when I’m in line and it’s already too late. Hopefully after this article that will never be me again. But then again, knowing myself, it probably will. Save Yourself and sign up!

TSA Pre✓

For those of you who don’t know what they are, TSA Pre ✓ and Clear are both travel leisure options offered to help you breeze right through security without the haste of waiting in long lines. While they are similar both offer their own exclusive member benefits and pricing. All you need? A U.S issued drivers license and a Passport. How do they differ? Glad you asked!

TSA Precheck offers you a 5 year membership for ONLY $85 a year! Way cheaper then I was thinking for all that it affords you. Generally you won’t wait in line for more than 5 minutes before your able to breeze right on through to your gate. Wave buh-bye to your fellow passengers staring in envy as they continue to wait in the standard line. Kinda makes you feel like a VIP if you ask me! Whats the catch? There isn’t one! As long as you can provide the required documentation and pass a standard federal background check, your all set! Goto tsa.gov

Want just a bit more information? Sure! Tsa Precheck boosts having over 5 million members and is available at 200 airports on 42 airlines. Submit an online application that will take you just about 5 minutes and then you will be asked to schedule an in-person interview at any 1 of their over 380 enrollment centers. Once there for your appointment, you can expect to spend about 10 minutes with an enrollment officer who will conduct your background check and do your finger printing. Pretty simple!

What you get once approved? The luxury of going straight through specially marked TSA Precheck lines without having to remove your Shoes, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids, belts or light jackets. Don’t be like me waiting in line wishing you had signed up the next time you visit an airport. It’s a no brainer, sign up today!

Also consider signing up for Clear which will go hand in hand with TSA Precheck. Clear allows you a more tech savvy experience. instead of going through the security check having to juggle your bags and travel documents, go straight through the Clear Line.  Thats right, no travel documents needed. Just step right up to a clear kiosk and scan your fingerprint to pull up your identification and travel documents. It is available to anyone over the age of 18 with a valid U.S drivers license and Passport for only $15 a month or $179 annually. Sign up today clearme.com

You are now 1 step closer to traveling in half the time. Your next step? Grab a glass of wine and Sign up! You can thank me later. 😊

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