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5 Ways To Find a Flight Upgrade


Hey there, Chics!


Often times when we’re traveling, we like to search for the hottest deals available. I mean let’s face it—any deal is a good deal but looking for cool flight deals is a hard task to complete. That’s why we put together some tips for grabbing those flight upgrades, even if they aren’t intended for you!


  1. Simply Ask

 I know that probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re about to board your plane, but asking won’t ever hurt. Some passengers have gotten blessed with flight upgrades because they simply asked very politely. Don’t be afraid to ask your flight attendant about the possibility of a first-class seat being available. Of course, ask with your best smile ever! The check-in staff won’t appreciate it if you’re demanding.


2. Be A Loyal Customer

It sucks spending money when you’re trying to save but it turns out that spending more can lead to upgrades! If you are loyal to your favorite airline, you’ll be able to sign up for great membership programs that use loyalty points or something along those lines.


3. Get there Earlier/Later 

It’s rumored that if you show up at the check-in desk several hours before your flight is supposed to take off, your chances of getting an upgrade increase. Many passengers who’ve gotten upgrades have recalled checking in almost 24 hours in advance and receiving their upgrade because of an overbooked flight.


4. Find The Perfect Time 


Don’t expect to get an upgrade during the holiday season ladies! It just won’t happen! The flight attendants and check-in staff are already overwhelmed by the number of passengers who’ve already paid their money for those upgraded seats you’re trying to get for FREE! Try charming your way into economy class on a quieter day or a day where everybody isn’t trying to hop on a flight just like you!


5. Look Like You Belong 

This is an important one because the flight attendants are going to expect you to look like you belong in first class, business class or even premium economy. Many of those who’ve been able to swipe some upgrades have suggested wearing business casual attire. That way you won’t look all out of sorts in your sweatpants and T-shirt while sitting in the first class section of the plane.




All in all, ladies don’t expect to get an upgrade on your first try. Be sure to check out the best airlines for an upgrade or even wait to get on the plane. If you absolutely detest sitting in your assigned seat, politely ask a flight attendant to move you. If you have any more tips to add pertaining to flight upgrades, comment on our Instagram page! Until next time Chics!



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