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Working Out During Your Menstrual Cycle


How’s it going, Chics?


We’ve all experienced terrible times of the month at some point in our lives. Whether it’s those excruciating cramps, head-thumping migraines, or embarrassing bloating, we have all been there before! If you’re someone who is trying to keep up with a consistent workout plan, you may find it a little more difficult to work out at the start of your cycle because of those painful days! Period or not ladies, we understand that the show must go on! We must battle through the pain!


Here are some tips for working out during your menstrual cycle:

  • Treat it like a normal workout 

I know it’s weird to think that working out at the start of a new cycle is actually the best way to work out, but after doing a little research it’s true! During the first week of our cycle, Women’s Health Magazine tells us that our, “estrogen and progesterone are at rock bottom” meaning that the bleeding and cramps have already begun—oh brother. Luckily for us, this is the best phase of the cycle to work out because our tolerance for pain is much higher than usual. Even if you feel a little sluggish, go work out that pain girl!


Did you know that exercising during your period can reduce muscle inflammation? Try exercises like walking, yoga, or swimming.


Diet Properly 

Even though we feel like it, we can’t just eat anything during the first few days of our period because certain foods increase the pain we are experiencing in our back and lower abdominals. If you plan on working out during your period, try staying away from foods that contain a lot of fat, caffeine, salt, and sugar. Of course, limiting your intake of the bad stuff will help reduce the discomfort caused by menstrual cramps. Make sure your diet primarily consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even try drinking some green tea from time to time. It has anti-inflammatory agents that help soothe your pelvic muscles and fight those caffeine cravings.



Wear The Right Stuff 

NEVER wear tight clothing when working out during your period. Although it has not been clinically proven, wearing waist trainers during the first few days of your cycle isn’t the most ideal. Along with cramps comes bloating, so trying to compress a bloated stomach doesn’t sound like too much fun now, does it? Wear loose fitted clothing, especially during times like this where the hot Summer weather isn’t really doing much to help ease those terrible cramps anyway!


Always remember to take it easy, regardless of any exercise you do ladies! It’s always best to figure out what your body can handle. If you have any additional tips on working out during your menstrual cycle, comment on our Instagram @Chicchattv. Until next time Chics!

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