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There’s a reason sparks fly when girlfriend’s get together. Every woman knows there’s nothing like the advice of her “girls” when she’s facing a problem or dilemma. After all, who else can you trust to give it to you straight, even when the truth hurts? And, where else can you find every possible opinion on an issue in one room? Host Cathleen Trigg, combines her skills as an Emmy Award-winning journalist with her warm, caring style, guiding the conversation and asking all the right questions. It’s a “Girls Night In”. The platform of topics for Chic Chat inspire, dramatize and jubilate aiming to provide viewers with positive, spiritually uplifting experiences as well as delving into the personal lives of both the host and her fabulous guests!

the Host

A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS, Cathleen Trigg is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has been a pivotal force helping others to unlock their hearts and empower their lives. She is a mother, a wife, a friend, a sought-after personality, actress, producer, writer and teacher. Cathleen is also an adult who suffered great sadness as a child and a wife who is no stranger to losing and reclaiming her voice. Having always felt intuitively connected to other’s sadness, Cathleen has spent a great deal of her life both professionally and personally doing what she can to help spare others unnecessary suffering.

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